Patrickswell and Ballybrown National Schools return again to follow the “Do This in Memory “ programme for 2022/2033, attending Parish Mass monthly with the necessary preparation. A significant part of the year long programme takes place at the Saturday and Sunday Masses during the school year. Patrickswell First Eucharist class attend the Saturday evening Mass at 6.30pm or the Sunday morning Mass at 11.30am, while Ballybrown First Eucharist class attend the Saturday evening Mass at 8.00pm or the Sunday morning Mass at 10.00am monthly.

If you wish to enrol your child for First Holy Communion, you will be invited to complete a Registration Form during the school year of 2nd Class. If your child was baptised outside of the Parish of Patrickswell-Ballybrown you will also be asked to provide the Parish Office with a copy of their baptismal certificate.

When Parents have completed the registration process Fr Mike arranges a meeting to familiarise them with the programme and its rationale. The children’s resource book THUMB is distributed along with each child’s First Eucharist Candle and arrangements are set up to distribute the Grapevine newsletter for parents at the end of the monthly Do This In Memory Masses. Parents are also advised in October of the specific dates and Masses to attend with their children as part of the programme. As Do This In Memory is a year long programme weekly attendance at Mass is also important for the child’s preparation.

A preparation team will be set up to assist at the Masses and on the day of the First Eucharist Mass. The First Eucharist Mass normally takes place in the Parish on a Saturday in May at 11.00am.

The Parish Sacramental Preparation Programme for 2022-2023 commences on the Weekend of 19th/20th November 2022. Children are asked to bring their First Eucharist candle with them to the Do This In Memory Mass each month where it will be lit and placed near the altar for the duration of Mass.

Dates for First Holy Communion in 2023:

Patrickswell School: Saturday 6th May 2023

Ballybrown School: Saturday 13th May 2023