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1304, 2024

Weekly Lay Led Liturgy

Lay Led Liturgy   Beginning Wednesday 17th April 2024 a Lay Led Liturgy will be held in Patrickswell and Ballybrown Churches once a week.  Details are as follows:- Ballybrown:  Wednesday 17th April - Lay Led Liturgy at 10.30am (after the Rosary).  No Morning Mass. Patrickswell:  Thursday 18th April - Lay Led

2803, 2024

Fr. Chris’s Prayer

Fr. Chris’s Prayer  “Gift of Eternal Life is for Now as well as for the Next Life” Continue to Fr. Chris’s Prayer here   (posted 28/03/2024)

2603, 2024

Bishop Brendan Leahy’s Easter Message 2024

Bishop Brendan Leahy’s Easter Message 2024 (video) Easter is the great celebration of our faith, when we go on our own journey of reflection. While we mourn the suffering of Jesus we ultimately arrive home through the risen Christ. Please click HERE to access recorded video. Also available on Diocesan website   (post date 26/03/2024)

2203, 2024

Holy Week & Easter Ceremonies

We look forward to welcoming you and your families to our Churches here in Patrickswell & Ballybrown over Holy Week and Easter. Click HERE for details of Masses and Easter Ceremonies in our parish during this time.     (post date 22/03/2024)

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