EASTER GRATITUDE: A sincere word of thanks and gratitude to so many people in the Parish who were involved in the celebration of the Liturgies of Holy Week and Easter.  Particular thanks go to our Sacristans Pat and Maria and to those who supported them; Co-ordinators of Readers and Eucharistic Ministers; Choirs, Musicians, Singers and Organists; Readers and Eucharistic Ministers; Pauline in the Parish Office; Church Carers, Flower Arrangers, those who take care of cleaning our Churches, Organisers and Volunteers who took part in the outdoor Stations of the Cross; those who organised our Paschal Fire at the Easter Vigil; and to all who journeyed in prayer with us over the days of Holy Week and Easter.  To all, we say Thank You for your support and co-operation as we start anew once more.

Fr. Mike


(Post date 22/04/2022)